Food for Love: Powerful Aphrodisiacs that will Explode Your Love Life

For both men and women, this in-depth investigation will save you thousands in time, aggravation, frustration and treatment costs, not to mention it will save you from the terrible side effects of sexual dysfunction drugs, especially when you overuse them. The products covered in this book have been specially chosen for their ability to restore your virility and sexual health, attention span, memory, mood, vitals, physique, size and firmness, and physical fitness. In many cases they have shown remarkable ability to fight disease and sickness—even cancer. There are even herbs that folks have been using for centuries to increase size and enlarge genitalia. I discuss them in this book.

The FDA, “Big Pharma,” and medical organizations around the world don’t want you to find out about these foods. If this book was a bottle of capsules I would not be allow to tell you about it. G-d forbid you should find out about something than can really improve your health.

To give you some background into the research that went into this book, a number of years ago I found myself looking for the very information I have written about. Doctors I consulted simply pulled out the prescription pad and sent me to the pharmacy. A week later I was struggling with blinding headaches. Not satisfied with “simple solutions” and “debilitating side-effects,” I consulted doctors specializing in kidney and urinary tract issues . . . and sexual dysfunction.

The offerings ranged from spending a fortune every month on drugs, crude surgical procedures that were outrageously expensive, or prosthetic or implant options that were ridiculous, let alone harmful and painful, or all of above. It was then that I began to search for natural solutions and the real causes behind the deficiency and dysfunctionality. With this book your searching is over.

The natural foods and botanical products described in Food for Love are easy to acquire, simple and straightforward to administer, and adopting them is easy. My book covers more than 50 botanical products, vegetables and fruits in depth. In addition I have researched more than 500 additional natural food and botanical products for you to explore in my soon to be live aphrodisiac database. This book is just the first edition and we will be covering many more foods in depth in future versions of the book.

Sexual dysfunction is a sign that some vital system in your body is not working. It may be stress, a cardiovascular issue, or something more ominous.
And yet Western doctors have made their apathy official. To quote their collective statement: “Sexual dysfunction is a problem only if it bothers you.
If it doesn’t bother you, there’s no need for treatment.”
This statement is mind-numbingly stupid.

It’s not just enough to take a pill and move on, which is what most doctors tell you to do. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, practice good nutrition, eat the right foods, and adopt the right attitude and mentality and you can reverse sexual dysfunction completely, or at least manage it right into the sunset years of your long life. In Food for Love you will learn about the following and much more:

Aphrodisiac, Adaptogen, and Antioxidant foods
Nutrition and the building blocks of a healthy love life
Nitric oxide, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and more
Flavonoid properties of plants and their role in healing

This book is also about sexual dysfunction, such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD), virility and drive enhancing nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s also about accepting that there is a lot more to sexual dysfunction than just old age or stress.

Through the workings of their adaptogens, antioxidants and good nutritional constituents, the foods described in this book are able to promote sexiness, heighten pleasure, increase performance and endurance,
as well as ease many other severe ailments.


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