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January 22, 2014 David David's Naturals

Natural Store Opened – YEAHHHH!!! Well, we had a great time last week opening our natural store. Starting on Sunday and then finishing on Wednesday. We didn’t know what to expect, but we had two very nice days here at David’s Naturals store in Katzrin. I think that many people were a bit confused regarding […]


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When building an Aquaponic system You should think about these things

October 22, 2014 David David's NaturalsDo it At HOMEEatingUrban Gardening

Aquaponic system basics Even though setting up an aquaponic system is rather easy, it still requires some basic knowledge of aquaponics.  If you have decided to put a system like this in your house, then you are aware of what it is and how it can help you.  However, there could still be a few […]


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Organic Yogurt Culture

June 29, 2014 David EatingHealth

Yogurt Culture Being a Yogurt drinker/eater and maker Generally, I just happened to have this come in my email today and thought that I would share this with all of you as it does fit within the theme.I have been making Yogurt off and on for about as many years as I have been makng […]


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Kombucha – The Fizzy Tea

June 25, 2014 David David's NaturalsEating

Kombucha I didn’t get it at first I have to admit, the first time that I tasted it, I didn’t get it.  I mean, it was sour (wanted to be sweet) and fizzy. OK nothing there.  What was all the buzz about this healthy drink? We were at some friends house for lunch and they […]


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Chalav Yisrael – Food for Thought

May 30, 2014 David Eating

PIG DNA IN CHOCOLATE IN MALAYSIA – FOOD FOR THOUGHT Traces of Pig in DNA were found in Cadbury chocolate bars in Malaysia. The Muslims that live there are religious and were very upset about this.  Since the British chocolate company was purchased by KRAFT, questions were raised regarding the other dairy products of Kraft (like […]


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Is Rennet Kosher

May 11, 2014 David David's Naturals

Rennet, it does a cheese good There is a great misunderstanding regarding the concept of Rennet in the making of Kosher Cheese.  Many believe that if cheese is made with animal rennet, there would be a violation of Basar vChalav.  I am glad to say that would not be the case. Everybody probably knows the story of […]


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Home Cheese Workshop in Tzfat

May 9, 2014 David Cheese Making

Kosher Cheese Workshop in Tzfat, Israel Well, after the problems with my Pesach milk and having to cancel our first workshop in Tzfat,  I was pleased that today we were able to have another shot at it.  Even though the drive was going slow (raining non-stop from the Golan Heights, then Fog in Tzfat) we […]


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Goat Cheese – Nice Surprise

May 5, 2014 David David's Naturals

Chevre French for Goat cheese. Today, I had a very special surprise.  One of my customers (David’s Naturals) who buys the Ice cream (about every other week) that I make came buy with 2 liters of fresh Goats milk.  Now, just yesterday I was speaking with another customer about purchasing goats milk as she is not able to […]


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Mozzarella is Back

May 5, 2014 David David's Naturals

Mozzarella, where did you go? Well, if you remember yesterday when I wrote about The Cheese That Almost Wasn’t?  Well, today I am happy to say that my cheese is back.  That’s right Kosher Curd nerds, we have the Mozzarella back again. Since it was mentioned that there was going to be a workshop next week in […]


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The Cheese That Almost Wasn’t

April 30, 2014 David Cheese Making

My Cheese Didn’t Work For those that have been following along on this site,  you probably read the article about how I make mozzarella cheese.  I have pictures and everything there showing the whole process.  If you visit the site you will see how I make mozzarella from start to finish. Mozzarella on Organic Broccoli leaves This […]


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Chalav Yisrael starter cultures for cheese have arrived

April 30, 2014 David Cheese Making

Chalav Yisrael Starter Cultures for Cheese are here It has been along time due, but I am very pleased to announce that Kosher Curds now has Chalav Yisrael starter cultures for cheese making as well as Yogurt.  I believe that KC is the only place on the internet that is catering to the strictly kosher home cheese […]


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